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The Blog 

Travel blog

Welcome to my travel blog. My travel blog is devoted mainly to travelling, to discover the beautiful landscapes of Planet Earth.

My travel blog also talks about the environment, nature protection, animals in extinction, animals in danger.

On my travel blog, I present travel photos, animal photos, landscape photos, photos of cultural places.

My goal is to make people aware of the fragility of the Earth, the beauty of the Earth, the environment, the biodiversity.

Work of a Swiss journalist passionate about travel and the environment.

Travel Blog website

Wairua Kaieke – Travel blog

About us

The Blog A PURE INSPIRATION "Planet Earth is an oasis on its own with varied ecosystems that each have their place and their role to play. A planet that brings us so much and which must in turn be respected and protected." Géraldine CEO of The Origins Earth   The...

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Lion fish, an invasive species

The Blog  A PURE INSPIRATION Lion fish, an invasive species General information Lion fish is not a threatened species but this is an invasive species. There exists two species called...

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My Divemaster certificate

THE BLOG My Divemaster certificate Going to Thailand during the coronavirus' s pandemic While I was on the beach, I was looking at the boats arriving one after the others to unload...

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Dive with me into my world

The Blog A PURE INSPIRATION Dive with me into my world  Diving   BCD, ok ! Weight, ok ! Releases, ok ! Air, ok ! Final check ! Come and dive with me !! I put my mask and my regulator in...

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At the time of lockdown, in Thailand

The Blog A PURE INSPIRATION Discover how the lockdown has been lived in Thailand, on the little island of Koh Tao, where I was Who would have thought that one day the whole world would...

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The Blog A PURE INSPIRATION Informations, collaborations, partenariats & invitations Would you like to discuss about a future collaboration or a partnership with our company The Origins Earth?  Would you like to organise an event and invite us ?  Fill in the...

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