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4 Ocean – The bracelets that make the difference

It is a bracelet 4 Ocean that I received and then 2 others, which made me write this article for you to discover them. In addition, diving is a cause that I am sensitive because having discovered a fragile world that is the underwater world, these 4 Ocean bracelets make sense to me.
With this article, I invite you to discover these bracelets and a small piece of their history. First of all, it starts with a stay of the two CEOs of 4 Ocean in Bali in Indonesia, it is from this island the idea of the 4 Ocean bracelets started.
Personally, having been to Bali twice, I completely understand the motivation that drove them to create this business. I saw it with my own eyes, beaches filled with garbage and so did the streets. It is obvious that if the government does not provide the necessary infrastructure for the premises, tons of waste will continue to accumulate.

Bracelets and their concept

They are made from recycled materials from the ocean and coastal waste. Each bracelet bought allows the financing of the removal of a pound of waste and in two years, according to the site 4 Ocean, they have removed 4,256,920 pounds of waste from the ocean and the coast, since 2017 when they started their activity. You have to know that a pound of waste is removed from the ocean and the coast. Beads and cords are made from recycled glass. They are 100% waterproof and unisex. Indeed, 90% of the plastic pollution in the oceans starts inside and ends in the oceans through the rivers. With overproduction and overconsumption of single-use plastic all this with the lack of infrastructure for recycling in developing countries this causes problems both environmental and health in all species including humans.

The 4 pillars of 4 Ocean 

Let’s discover the 4 pillars of 4 Ocean which are their basis for allowing them to commit to cleaning the ocean and the coasts for one book at a time. Here is what they correspond to:



Technology optimization

We use the latest technologies to prevent, intercept and dispose of the ocean and coastal waste.


Create jobs

We have full-time captains and crews who clean the ocean and coast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Education and awareness

We strive to educate individuals, businesses and governments about the impact of plastic on the ocean. We organize cleanups around the world, both on the surface and in scuba diving, to raise awareness and change behaviour.


New global economies

By adding value to ocean plastic, we are creating a new economy for waste disposal.

The idea in buying these bracelets is to support their work and show our awareness of the marine world and the planet because ultimately it is for the planet that the two CEOs of 4 Ocean have created this company.

Want to buy a bracelet? 

All this is happening on the website of 4 Ocean.

You will find a wide selection of bracelets of different colours that symbolize animals.

Each month, a new bracelet is proposed, in April 2019, it is the bracelet for the Great Barrier Reef.

It is also possible to buy them in packs of 2 or individually.

Go to for your future purchase.

Let’s get more and more mobilized for the environment and Planet Earth.


Nature fascinates me and calls out to me in every nook and cranny. Curious, I want to understand how it works and the interactions that play out between different species and ecosystems.

Thanks to the trips I have made so far, I have realised that my interest lies in the protection of the environment and in that of animals.

I observe it and immortalize it in order to make people aware that through the beauty it gives off, it has an important part of fragility that must be taken into account to be protected.

So to make people aware but also for concrete actions to be taken, I decided to create The Origins Earth.


Eco Journalist - Divemaster - Photographer , The Origins Earth

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