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Dive with me into my world

lockdown in thailand
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Dive with me into my world 



  • BCD, ok !
  • Weight, ok !
  • Releases, ok !
  • Air, ok !
  • Final ok !

Come and dive with me !!

I put my mask and my regulator in my mouth, then I put my fins, I move forward to the pontoon of the boat, I hold my mask and my regulator with my right hand and with my left hand I hold my belt not to let them release when I will jump into the water. I put a foot forward and I jump. Ah ! Here I am ! This is so good! I am in the water !

I swim a little bit on the surface with my buddy to arrive near to the dive site. I put my regulator into my mouth and take my inflator with my left hand to deflate my BCD. Once, the final OK, with my buddy we are going down. And then! The magic is coming !

This magic world

This magic started to come since I did my first dive still keep perpetuating dives after dives. While I am going down, I always have the impression that this world I discovered in 2013 still open to me. I love this feeling I have when I am going down by listening the noise of my breathing especially after the first breath. I like going down because I take time to focus on myself and allow me to see first the environment in which I am going to evolve for the next 45 minutes.

Once I found my buoyancy, I start to observe what happens around me while I am swimming. I just check my computer to verify my depth and I keep swimming when suddenly!

A school of fish in few meters from me!

I swim and arrive to the place where they are all there and I stop. With my camera in my hands, I cannot stop to photograph them when finally, I let go my camera that stays hanging because seeing this school of fishes made me the envy to completely live this dance without being behind my camera.

This fabulous dance 

I stop and I observe, I see them turning around me, they go up and then go down, this dance doesn’t stop and in a synchronised movement, I see them and I feel their movement. I find them calm, lovely, kind and innocent that it’s moving me. They dare to be close to me. They are curious.

This underwater’s moment

This is in those moments where I listen my breathing and I see around me that I enjoy it. This is thanks to this present moment that take me particularly to heart, I realise I am entirely with myself and I am in the right place and I am doing something right for me and my personal and spiritual evolution.

So when I am underwater, I photograph them to raise awareness people to this magnificent nature, because I also feel I have to show what happen below.

This is such beautiful to see small and big fishes living their life either in the big blue or close to the coral reefs. This is such fascinating to see them hunting, be hidden from the predators, eating, sleeping and meeting. This is their life!

And then, they don’t realise what happens on the surface and what human they reserve them, so to see them swimming it heats my heart and give me the envy to protect them.

It is time to go up 

This is time for me to go up, my pressure-gauge shows me that I am on the reserve, and even if I don’t want to leave that place I need it because my tank is almost empty. If I only had gills, I would love it! I start to go slowly near to the boat and I don’t have to forget to do my security stage of 3 minutes in 5 meters because I was on a deep dive site.

Once my security stage done, I go to the surface quietly, I look at around me to contemplate for the last time, this magnificent blue water with sun lights going through, before going back for few days or more on earth before going down back again living those feelings in this immensity that is the sea.

Dive with me,


Version française - French version

Envie de lire l’article en français? 

Do you want to read the article “Dive with me” in French? 

>>>>> Plonges avec moi <<<<<

Nature fascinates me and calls out to me in every nook and cranny. Curious, I want to understand how it works and the interactions that play out between different species and ecosystems.

Thanks to the trips I have made so far, I have realised that my interest lies in the protection of the environment and in that of animals.

I observe it and immortalize it in order to make people aware that through the beauty it gives off, it has an important part of fragility that must be taken into account to be protected. 

So to make people aware but also for concrete actions to be taken, I decided to create The Origins Earth. 


Eco Journalist - Divemaster - Photographer , The Origins Earth

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