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The Blog 

The Green Heart

The Green Heart is the category that deals with the ecological aspect.

It’s central to all people’s concerns.

Topics about ecology for travel.

Topics for everyday life.

However, it is at the heart of people’s concerns.

At the moment, it is important to talk about that subject.

Natural disasters on Earth.

It is high time that everything changes and that the world is positive.

For a positive future.

An important blog section for the future of the Earth.

However, people are becoming aware of their impact.

Raise awareness of ecological aspects

She offers us so much everyday.

We must return the favour.

Furthermore, traveling with an ecological conscience is important.

For the future of planet earth.

Be on the road with me and discover my travel experiences.

With interviews, reports, photos and videos.

Furthermore, interviews and reports are also present in this section.

The idea is to present, from another angle, the main players in the protection of the environment.

The Green Heart is a page where we will experience together the reality. Let’s be well informed by people who works in the field of environment.

Ang Thong Marine National Park – Thailand

The Blog   Ang Thong Marine National Park During my trip to Thailand I visited this wonderful Ang Thong Marine National Park. I really loved this protected archipelago of 42 islands,...

Nature in Singapore – Singapore

The Blog  Nature in Singapore Nature in Singapore through Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens have been a real heart stroke when I discovered for the first time those both places....

The Whitsundays Islands – Australia

The Blog  The Whitsundays Islands The Whitsundays are a group of 74 islands situated on the coast of the Queensland in Australia and are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage...

Nature in Bali and its environmental issues – Indonesia

The Blog  Nature in Bali and its environmental issues Where is situated Bali? When you say to somebody you are going to Bali in Indonesia, the first thing he is going to think is that...

Samui Elephant Sanctuary

The Blog  Samui Elephant Sanctuary Last September 2018, I was in Thailand. In Ko Samui, I discovered through the Internet that they had opened a sanctuary on the island, earlier in the...

Ecology – 4 Ocean and their bracelets

The Blog  4 Ocean - The bracelets that make the difference It is a bracelet 4 Ocean that I received and then 2 others which made me write this article for you to discover them. In...

Ecology – Avène and Ocean respect

The Blog  Avène and Ocean Respect My motivations for this article For my first article on a brand, I chose Avene. Why Avene? Because it is a brand that is close to the values I aspire...

Elephant Nature Park, the interview – Chiang Mai

The Blog  Elephant Nature Park The Elephant Nature Park is a rehabilitation centre for rescued elephants and also rescues cats, dogs and buffalos. Cats and dogs can be also adopted. It...

The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

The Blog  The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project This Project has been holding since 2004 in Dubai with a small team of 6 employees at the Burj Al Arab. Since 2004, the Dubai Wildlife...
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