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follow your heart or head
follow your heart or head
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Follow your heart or your head? 


A new life is waiting for you

One day, we all are lead to be faced to a situation, to an event or also to a relationship for which we must to consider. In those moments, questions, reflexions, introspections are necessary to move forward and clean all it needs to be cleaned.

In those moments, this is necessary to be alone with ourselves to look for the answers that are essentials because we must be faced to our reality in order to question yourself even if it needs to send all flying.

follow your heart or head

Those moments are not quiet at all. It is like if you were, sometimes, at the trough of the wave symbolised negative days or to be on the top of the wave symbolised the positive days.

Therefore, those emotional waves are fundamental because if we only were in positive days or negative days, we could not move forward in our life.

The trough of the wave is essential to be at the top of that one after all, because this is with that way that things can move forward and we can clean all that needs to be cleaned. Once at the top of the wave, we can contemplate all you did to follow your path.

According to our life, a relationship, a work, or also to a situation, we must make right choices but especially listen to our heart and choosing to go to his direction. This is what those moments bring us to do.

follow your heart or head

Follow your heart or your head: The heart’s path

What is it exactly listen to your heart? Where could it bring us?

The heart’s path or the intuition is this little voice inside of ourselves that helps us to guide us and to tell us where to go and whether that person corresponds to us, whether that job is for us or not.

follow your heart or head

This is also your intuition that is going to show you what is does not work by giving you warnings through body reactions and with associated emotions.

The intuition, this is this little voice that some people think it does not exist, and that is, yet, real and bring us on our true path if we listen carefully to it.

Listen to the intuition is to guide in the heart’s path and is to be right with our life and us. Yes, this is how the intuition works.

follow your heart or head

So, when we are going in the direction of the heart’s path, this is our all body that is amazed, and starts to dance because he knows, henceforth, that you are on the right path that one that will allow you to BE, that one on which makes you happy.

You will be happy because by following the hearth’s path, you will have chosen maybe the right person, who is going to be moved you, or this job that corresponds you, or also you will have decided to move in your dream country, you will have followed the love one in his/her project, or also you will have decided to create your own company, to travel the world too…

follow your heart or head

Whatever your inspirations are, this is the heart’s path that will guide you so that you can realise them. And the hearth’s path is the unknown!

The unknown is an insecure thing but that revels you all its magic with all the stars that you couldn’t be amazed. The unknown frights but once dive into it; you can compose with what the life brings you on your path and create your own path.

This is the heart’s path! To be brought you to listen to your intuition to make the right choices, heart ones in order to be at peace with yourself and the Universe!

The heart’s path, even if she brings you to jump up into the unknown, she is going to bring you your personal and inside fulfilment. And this fulfilment is going to bring you to find your own happiness because happiness is found inside of yourself.

And when, we are in tune with this certitude that our actions and words are aligns with the person we truly are thanks to the work we did with our questioning and our reflexions to finally find our real person! That is when we reach the inner happiness!

Yes, this happiness that everyone is running after, this is exactly is! Happiness, is to be at peace with yourself, is to love yourself at our fair value, and it is also to have acts that propel us in our inner truth and, therefore, on our life path which brings us to our realisation and for the whole world.

A human being who has reached his personal realisation is a person who has listened the path of his heart by accepting to go into the unknown by facing to his fear that would have guided in the reason’s path and would have turned away from his own personal dawning. This is human being who found his own happiness, that one to be happy with himself simply, that he is in single or in couple and whatever where he lives in this world.

So, choose the heart’s path because this is through that path that you will fulfil yourself as a person in his own right but also for the whole world.

Follow your heart or head: The reason’s path

So, why choosing the reason path rather than the heart?

Choosing the reason is listening his head rather than following a path dictated by the heart. This is also choosing the security path, that one of the comfort zone.

Whether is a relation or a new professional career, choosing the reason path is to dare to go into a path full of obstacles because is going against our true desires, our true aspirations, and true emotions. This is going against what is make us vibrated whichever a new job, a new project or also a new relationship.

follow your heart or head

Choosing the reason path is to put aside what we really feel by hiding our inner truth to ourselves and to the others thanks to bury our head in the sand. Indeed, in that way we do not show our true colours.

Choosing the reason path is deciding to go against our true person especially when we know in our inner beliefs that is not the right path, the right job, or the right person for us. In fact, this is to decide to beat us up over something and to say to ourselves that is better for us instead of being confronted by the unknown.

The unknown is known to be scary and this is why lots of people give up to jump into the unknown because they feel at ease in a situation, a relationship or a job they well know and securing rather than to be attentive to our own needs and dare to jump into the unknown and following our true desires.

Not daring to go into the unknown is staying on the reason path is to cause ourselves harm by going against to the person we are, or something we really want to have, or going against what it truly inspires us. Indeed, this is going against to the person that we are and especially our true feelings.

The unknown is in all life fields as much relation life as professional one or family life too.

follow your heart or head

For a long time, I followed the reason path because it was easier for me. Yes, it was! Nevertheless, I know that I had to have those different experiences to understand where was my true place in this world and I finally found it.

So even if the reason path can be a good path to understand where we must go or with whom we must be, this path stay, nevertheless, a tough one.

So choose to listen to your head instead of your heart and you will understand what is to be on the reason path!

You should make your choice because in life we always have the choice!

So are you going to follow your heart or rather your head? I think you should follow your heart instead of your head. 

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